St John's UCC Monroe



  Worship in the park


For the months of July and August, St. John's UCC will be offering ONE worship service only on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 a.m. We will continue with the safety protocol which includes wearing masks, reducing all touch surfaces as much as possible, and social distance seating.


Upcoming Book Study:

Please join Pastor Christie for a Zoom Book Study on Racism using Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility. Book Discussion Group will begin Thursday, August 20 from 7-8pm. Books are available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but books are often sold out so please order yours at your earliest convenience in order to get it on time. Racism is a difficult conversation and one many people have never had or even want to have. Yet, it is essential for awareness of conscious or unconscious biases, racism’s systemic underpinnings, the devastation it causes, and the fact that there is no aspect of our lives that race does not influence from birth survival rates, to health care, to education and to life expectancy. We will approach our study in open, curious, and questioning ways asking, among other things, “What is racism? How has it shaped my life? How does it survive? How does the gospel call and guide us to live an antiracist life? How can I better understand my own experience of racism and how might I live differently?” I look forward to this journey with you. Please email Pastor Christie at for registration. 





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