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Participant Comments from Book of Isaiah Bible Study

  • "The study becomes an event that you look forward to each week. It is so heartwarming to have the time to share The Word with fellow Christians and be led by our pastor. Faith becomes more clear and strengthens us with the common goal of learning more, supporting each other, questioning, sharing ideas, and life experiences."

  • "Isaiah is the BIG idea book of the Bible. Some consider it the 5th Gospel. It contains the main themes referenced within the whole Bible, many of which were predictions and the telling of the coming of Jesus." 

  • "I learned so much during the Bible Study of the book of Isaiah, the 66 chapters in it sums up the rest of the Bible.  The lessons we talked about apply to people today as much as it applied to the people over 2000 years ago."

  • "Covid 19 has contributed to my feelings of isolation, fear and doubt. I was hesitant about a ZOOM anything, but we all received directions, assistance and we all persevered. We explored the Book of Isaiah and related Scripture to what is currently happening in the world and in our lives. Each member of the group had the opportunity to ask questions and/or share their insights. Because of my participation in the book group, my understanding of the book of Isaiah was enhanced tremendously."

  • "We learned so much ...thank goodness I took notes so we can refer back to our discussions. Everyone seemed so engaged every week, at times we were left a little speechless but Pastor Christie helped fill the gaps. We looked forward to Pastor Christie leading us and feeding us to the fullest every week!"

  • "To study the book of Isaiah is important in better understanding God’s concepts of justice, grace, sacrifice, forgiveness & redemption.  It illustrates that, even though we are disobedient and sometimes choose to make our own way, God is always in charge waiting to restore us with comfort and grace."



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Isaiah 56 &57

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