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Workshop Rotation Model

The Faith Zone is St. John’s Workshop Rotation Model of education, which is based on the concepts of the Multiple Intelligence’s theory. All classes study the same Bible Story for one month, with every workshop approaching the story in a different way.

Instead of recruiting one volunteer teacher, St. John’s Christian Education Committee:
  1. Designs each classroom for one specific learning experience. For example a Drama room, Art room, Storytelling room, Movie room.
  2. Recruits a teacher to teach the same workshop activity to a different class each week for one month.
  3. Rotates a different class to a new workshop each week—hence the concept “rotation”.
  4. Uses one Biblical Story for one month so that the children experience the same story through four workshops.
  5. Recruits persons to act as “shepherds” for each class. The shepherds stay with the same class for the entire year providing continuity and stability to the group.

The children become:

  • Engaged in the Bible Story.
  • Eager to come back because they have other rooms to look forward to.
  • Able to remember and retell the Bible Story.

We use the workshop rotation model for children in grades K-5 beginning at 9 a.m. Three and four-year-old classes meet at 9 a.m. and remain in their rooms during the Faith Zone. Sixth and seventh graders meet in the Youth Room each Sunday in their own classroom.

What Happens on Sunday Morning?

  Children enrolled in the preschool class go directly to their rooms on the upper floor of the Christian Education Building. These children remain in their classrooms for the entire hour.

  Children in grades kindergarten through fifth go to worship each Sunday morning with their family for the first part of the hour. Following the children's message, they go to the Faith Zone for their lesson. Attendance is taken and offering envelopes are received at that time.

  Children enrolled in sixth and seven grade go to worship each Sunday morning for the first part of the hour. Following the children's message, they go to the Youth Room on the upper floor of the Christian Education Building.

  The Christian Education office is located on the upper level of the Christian Education wing and a volunteer is in that office on Sunday mornings to assist visitors and Faith Zone participants. He takes the children from worship to the Faith Zone following the children's message The Faith Zone director, Gary Neuenschwander, begins his morning in this office at 7 a.m. Valerie Blum, the Christian Education (C.E.) program administrator, meets with teachers and volunteers prior to the arrival of the students and is happy to assist in finding supplies and help set up classrooms.

Eighth Grade Confirmation
The Confirmation program is designed for 8th grade students and meets with Rev. Hackman each Wednesday evening. The 2019-2020 program will begin in September of 2019.

Class begins each week with supper at 6 p.m. in Fellowship Hall and class in the Christian Education wing from 6:30–7:30 p.m.

Third Grade Bibles
Each year St. John’s Untied Church of Christ gives a Bible to third grade students participating in the Faith Zone. Memorial gifts are used to purchase these Bibles that are engraved with each child’s name. The Christian Education Committee thanks all those who have donated money for these Bibles.

A nursery is provided during the 9 am worship service. The Christian Education Committee recruits and trains two adult care givers for each Sunday and uses Confirmation students as helpers. Your child's safety and health are carefully provided for in this lovely, open room. A simple registration procedure is followed for each infant and toddler and parents are invited to drop in at any time.
The nursery is located on the upper level of the Christian Education Building.

Including Children in Worship
St. John’s welcomes children in our congregational worship services because we follow Jesus Christ, who welcomed and fully accepted little children. We want our children to know that we, too, accept them as they are and desire their participation in the community of faith.

Young children come to worship with wonder and a curiosity about everything. There are several things parents can do to make their child's experience - and their own - more relaxed and worshipful:

  • Sit near the front where your child can clearly see the worship leaders.
  • Prepare your child for the different parts of the worship service; explain special events ahead of time and answer questions right now in a quiet whisper.
  • Encourage the use of children's worship activity bulletins, available from the ushers, and invite your child to color or draw in those bulletins.
  • Allow your child to bring a favorite stuffed animal along or pick up a Bible story book in the library to browse.
  • If children are invited to participate by coming forward or giving a response, accompany them if they are hesitant and encourage their activity.
  • Feel free to choose, at any time during the worship, to take your child to play in the nursery for the remainder of the service. Your movement during the worship is not disruptive.
  • If a child needs to use the bathroom, again, your quiet movement will not disrupt worship and there is a bathroom at the back of the sanctuary near the elevator entrance.

A sensitivity to the young child's abilities and needs can help make worship a more pleasant and meaningful experience. We want the church family to worship together.




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