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You are invited to come by church and add your prayer to the Prayer Window. Take a strip of flagging tape and, if you wish, write your prayer on the strip or simply leave it blank. Tie the strip to the frame sharing with God your prayers and joys. Each color represents a different type of prayer request. (Instructions are on the frame).

 NOTICE: For the months of July and August, St. John's UCC will be offering ONE worship service only on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00am.  We will continue with the safety protocol which includes wearing masks, reducing all touch surfaces as much as possible, and social distance seating. 



St. John’s Membership Committee


Greetings members:

The Membership Committee would like to thank all members who responded to our request for pictures for the directory. Thank you!

For those members who have not as yet submitted a picture we request you to select a favorite picture of yourself and/or family to be included in the directory. The picture needs to be in good taste, of course, and the more recent the better. They can be sent in digital format, if available, to the church office and will need to include your name and/or names of the individuals in the picture. A digital jpeg file is preferred, but we can work with printed photo formats if necessary. We continue to look forward to seeing a lot of great pictures. We would like your pictures submitted by Aug. 15th, 2020. After that date Membership will begin to take and schedule reservations from members wishing to have their pictures taken at several sites in and around St. John’s UCC for inclusion into the directory.

If you have any questions regarding this request or project or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Membership Committee at 715-403-1260.

Thank you from the Membership Committee.
Joel Dutenhoefer, chair


August Backpack Buddy Project

Thank you so much! To date, St. John's members have donated almost $1000 plus food items to our annual August Backpack Buddy project! We will continue to gather donations until August 15th. This year there have been more students participating in the Backpack Buddy Program because schools have been closed. You can drop off or send in a monetary donation to the church office. Food items can be dropped off at the church office, at the elevator entrance, or the 14th Street entrance. Again, thank you so much for your support! The children of Monroe appreciate this! Ann Prophett and Jane Paradowski

fruit cups
applesauce cups
Rice Krispie treats
fruit snacks
cracker sandwich packs
microwave popcorn
granola bars
individual oatmeal packages
individual cereal packs
mini muffins
Easy Mac 
individual ravioli's
tuna fish pouches


Here’s a BIG thank you to those of you who are making a special effort to support our SCRIP program.  It continues to generate much needed money for our church.  Call Judy at the church office at 325-2165 to order your cards or stop in the church office.  Again, thanks for your support.


AMAZON!!  If you are an Amazon shopper, go to and choose to support St. John Ucc (Monroe) and you will be supporting your church financially in yet another way.  And please continue to buy Scrip cards in the office.   Thanks for your continued support.

Mission Committee will meet August 4th at 5:30pm in the library of the church.

Family Promise Update
We are supposed to host during the week of July 19th to 26th but there was no one in the program so we were put on stand by. "Thank you" to everyone that signed up to provide a meal during that week. We so appreciate your support of this mission. It is comforting to know everyone in out county had a place to stay and food to east during these difficult times.

Our next hosting is scheduled for October 18th through 24th. Director, Rick Gleason, has it set up so two families can be housed in the new Day Center. They can accommodate 2 families (up to 8 people). Please keep the homeless and needy in your hearts and prayers. St. John's Mission committee did just that at their last meeting. They voted to donate food and gas gift cards to Family Promise to be used by families in need. Thank you for your compassion and support.

We will all continue to do out part to provide food and shelter however we can and still keep everyone safe. Thanks and God's blessing to everyone.


A big THANK YOU to all who remembered me on my birthday with cards, gifts, well wishes and prayers. All were greatly appreciated! – Scott Boss 

 If you have questions/concerns please feel free to contact

Vicki Keilhauer, Faith Community Nurse, 608-558-5963


If you or a loved one are admitted to the hospital, please contact the church office at 325-2165. This will ensure your pastoral care needs are met.

The following are the Prayer Tree Team leaders for the month.

Aug 2    Kathy Bartelt
(608) 325-1068
Aug 9    Kris Winkler
(608) 325-9326
Aug 16  Gloria Rieder
(608) 325-6854
Aug 23  Denise Riese
(608) 325-2691
Aug 30    Kathy Bartelt
(608) 325-1068

Prayer requests to our Prayer Tree are held in strict confidence. Please call the church if you are admitted to the hospital. If you have a pastoral emergency during non-business hours, please call Rev. Hackman at 608-514-2020.



Sat. Aug. 1
Genesis 31:1-21
Sun., Aug. 2
Genesis 32:22-31
Mon., Aug. 3
Genesis 31:22-42
Tues., Aug. 4
Genesis 32:3-21
Wed., Aug. 5
Matthew 15:32-39
Thurs., Aug. 6
Genesis 35:22b-29
Fri., Aug. 7
Genesis 36:1-8
Sat., Aug. 8
Genesis 37:5-11
Sun., Aug. 9
Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28
Mon., Aug. 10
Genesis 37:29-36
Tues., Aug. 11
Genesis 39:1-23
Wed., Aug. 12
Genesis 40:1-23
Thurs., Aug. 13
Genesis 41:14-36
Fri., Aug. 14
Genesis 41:37-57
Sat., Aug. 15
Genesis 42:1-28
Sun., Aug. 16
Genesis 45:1-15
Mon., Aug. 17
Genesis 43:1-34
Tues., Aug. 18
Genesis 44:1-34
Wed., Aug. 19
Matthew 8:1-13
Thurs., Aug. 20
Psalm 124
Fri., Aug. 21
Psalm 124
Sat., Aug. 22
Matthew 16:5-12
Sun., Aug. 23
Matthew 16:13-20
Mon., Aug. 24
Exodus 1:1-7
Tues., Aug. 25
Exodus 2:11-15a
Wed., Aug. 26
Exodus 2:15b-22
Thurs., Aug. 27
Exodus 2:23-24
Fri., Aug. 28
Exodus 3:16-25
Sat., Aug. 29
Matthew 8:14-17
Sun., Aug. 30
Matthew 16:21-28
Mon., Aug. 31
Revelation 3:1-6


These special members celebrating their birthdays are at least 80 years young. Those marked with an * are above 90 years young.


*Joyce Steinmann


Edith Vandeberg


*Geraldine Stamm


*Shirley Jaggi


Marlene Gobeli


Kenneth Kundert


*Richard Wyss Sr


Nelda Hilfiker


*Gladys Steiner


*Bob Spoerry


Mary Ann Isely


Joyce Binder


*Lois C Olson


Marilyn McElhaney


*Ernest Steinmann




These special members celebrating over 50 years of marriage. Congrats!


James & Lois Glessner


65 years

Herbert & Beverly Blumer


61 years

Richard & Betty Newcomer


64 years

Robert & June Schutz


58 years

Wilbert & Mary Wirth


55 Years

Greg & Jane Wenger


53 years

Roger & Joan Goepfert


52 years

Joel & Sam Dutenhoefer


51 years

Dean & Nancy Ayen


50 years


Stewardship Report   
June        Year to Date
Expense        Expense
 $ 30,552.94          $ 209,746.55 
June        Year to Date
Offering        Offering
 $ 34,623.42          $ 170,879.36 
June        Year to Date
Difference        Difference
 $ 4,070.48          $ (38,867.19)
June        Year to Date
Total Income        Total Income
 $ 37,640.08          $ 209,390.56 
June        Year to Date
Difference        Difference
 $ 7,087.14          $ (355.99)


Memorials :

Harold Neuenschwander
Kevin & Kris Winkler
Terry & Laura Hughes
Jim & Cathy Crubaugh
Chris & Julie Sachs
Glenda Fritsch
Bill & Jean Wyss
Randy & Debra Gould
De Paulson
Carla Hartwig
Jane Paradowski
Herb & Yvonne Tornow
Dave & Mary Deininger
Family & Friends
Lois Kaster
David & Lorraine Deininger
Charlie & Marcia Erickson
Christie Strait

Lloyd Carson
Jim & Cathy Crubaugh

Keith Ingwell
Helen Locher
Greg & Kirsten Boll

Lillian Anderegg Cummings
Helen Locher

Michael Isely
Helen Locher

Dorothy Amans
Helen Locher

Rudy Rothenbuehler
Louis & Phyllis Studer

Albert Schuetz
from his family

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